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    Demo Videos of the EyeOnRisk Platform

    The EyeOnRisk platform is an end to end credit risk modelling platform. One of the key benefits of the platform is the easy to use user interface. It allows using just a few clicks of the mouse, to generate sophisticated machine learning based models. The platform supports the entire life cycle of a model using this very easy to use interface - even when it comes to deployment into production (and serving through API). Scroll down to see the EyeOnRisk demo. When dealing with user interface, what better way is there to demonstrate it besides having a video which captures the action. This is why we started sharing videos of the platform in our YouTube channel. You are more than welcome to subscribe to the channel so you'll be notified on any new video we are uploading. To kick things off, please join us in watching the first video in the channel. This short video gives you a quick glimpse into some of the capabilities of that EyeOnRisk platform:   [...]

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    Machine Learning Model Deployment Lessons

    Model deployment Working on a highly accurate machine learning model is just the first part of the complex process of putting a model into the production system. Model deployment, and specifically deploying a machine learning model can be a highly challenging task which becomes even harder when you are dealing with credit risk models. It’s extremely interesting to learn from the vast experience of others in this field and to take into account their insights when deciding on your approach toward model deployment. In this blog post we’ll go through some of the lessons published in the last KDD conference in a paper by Pablo Estevez, Themistoklis Mavridis and Lucas Bernardi. References to this paper appear in numerous sources. One which resonated nicely with what we do is here in the blog of Adrian Colyer. 150 Successful Machine Learning Models The paper focuses on the experience in deploying machine learning models by Based on their experience in deploying real life machine learning models they try to draw some insights [...]

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    EyeOnRisk End to End Credit Risk ML Modelling Platform

    In previous blog posts, we discussed different aspects of our industry and how they may affect your current strategy in relation to a credit risk modelling solution. We’ve covered the main reasons to make the leap toward AI/ML based modelling in 2019. We’ve also discussed the main benefits and organizations currently using traditional scoring, can benefit by using machine learning techniques, in depth. Finally, we’ve discussed some of the problems faced by banks that haven’t adopted ML yet. In this blog post, we get into the technicalities and present more detail on how the EyeOnRisk credit risk modelling platform, can help bridge the gap to achieve a more accurate, structured and streamlined modelling process. What makes an End to End Credit Risk Platform? There’s a profound difference between vertical platforms and horizontal platforms. These days, many FIs make use of more traditional styles of structuring for their credit risk solutions in the form of a collection of different tools. It may be the case that each tool is extremely capable [...]

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    The rise in available data and access to computing power is challenging banks to look towards artificial intelligence and machine learning as the solution.


    There is a new generation of products that are built to overcome the challenges that the first generation of AI solutions didn’t solve and help innovators and risk managers find new technologies to gain a competitive advantage.