An E2E, agile platform designed for credit risk modeling

Powerful AI & automations simplify complex processes; Collaborative, transparent and compliant


Why credit risk professionals
choose BeeEye?

Fast track to accuracy

10X shorter update cycles mean your models use the latest data. An auto-feature generator and the rapid integration of external and internal data sources elevates models’ accuracy.

Tailored to credit risk management

Designed with your processes and regulations in mind, the E2E platform spans the full modeling process and keeps you compliant.

Powerfully simple

Automating tasks like documentation, this platform is collaborative and easy to use. A mostly-no-code approach lets you move fast with testing and production.

EyeOnRisk: An End-to-End platform that addresses all the unique challenges of the credit risk industry

Advanced, Machine learning-based platform combines financial and alternative data for a more accurate scoring model

Allows fast and easy updates to ensure your models use the latest data

Transparent and compliant – takes the credit management process out of the black box


in revenue


decrease in
default rates

20% higher revenues for a credit cards issuer…

A large credit card issuer with wanted to increase credit score accuracy.  BeeEye enabled the customer to add external data to 60% of its customers, which led to an over 50% Gini increase.  The full implementation of the EyeOnRisk platform took one day and resulted in 13% less defaults 20% revenue increase

A retail lender sees >18% reduction in defaults…

A retail lender wanted to upgrade its new customer application process. Using the EyeOnRisk platform, the lender was able to seamlessly integrated external and application data and accurately estimate the customers’ risk profile. 34% improved Gini 18% less defaults

19% reduced default rates…

Models built over the EyeOnRisk allowed for the same risk profile with 19% reduced defaults + 2.2% higher net accepted OR same default + 15% higher net accepted Shorter platform update cycle increased accuracy vs. legacy models The platform’s feature recommendation capability generated 78% of the most influential model features
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