Modeling Infrastructure to Mitigate Risk & Boost Growth for FinTechs & InsurTechs

10X speed & agility for the modeling & deployment process

Utilizing new data sources APIs

Easily implementing customizations

Controlling and explaining your decisions

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Risk Management

An AI-based platform that allows 10X faster model update cycles, so your models are based on the latest, most accurate data


and Elegant

No coding required, with intuitive UI. Easy to set up and integrates seamlessly with your current systems

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Made for

Financial Risk 

An end to end platform focused on financial risk, perfectly matches your processes and challenges

The EyeOnRisk platform

Your models, our platform. Make the right calls, every time.

Continual Improvement of Model Performance

Self learning algorithms crunch internal and external data in a never ending feedback loop, leading to more comprehensive models with a shorter time to market.

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Next-Gen Technology

“The EyeOnRisk Platform is a great development tool, from veteran modellers to new Python millennials”

Ms. Julia Dunn, Chief Risk Officer, Nationwide Building Society

Proven Success

“BeeEye’s EyeOnRisk Modeling Platform improves the capability of the lending business to identify valuable customers and creates opportunities to increase profitability by 15%-30%.”

Mr. Zvi Ziv,, Ex CEO Bank Hapoalim

An Effective Solution

“Credit Modeling being done as it’s meant to be done”

Dr. Matthew Jones, Phd, Head of Retail Decision Modelling, Nationwide Building Society

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