BeeEye’s AI-based EyeOnRisk Platform provides a superior credit score

What We Offer

BeeEye’s EyeOnRisk Platform™ enables financial institutions to explore and develop today what is the future of credit-scoring! A model trained with Machine Learning algorithms using a unique and innovative combination of customers’ existing financial data and publicly available web data.

Uniquely integrates internal & external data

Continuously improve results with advanced machine learning

Increase revenues from both existing and new customers

Enterprise-grade, fully compliant platform

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Complete solution with clear results

Our patented on-premise software architecture, the EyeOnRisk Platform, is a secure and compliant end-to-end solution for model developers that serves as a perfect fit for financial institutions.

  • Different modes for research and production flows – moving your best model to production has never been easier
  • Integration of internal and external data from diverse sources: government, social, real-estate , red flags
  • Best of breed methods for data pre-processing and feature engineering
  • Advance machine learning engine which continuously improves scoring
  • Flexible On-premise deployment and light integration into core systems
  • Bank-grade security and compliance – PII doesn’t leave the bank
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Clear results: