An E2E, agile platform designed for credit risk modeling

Powerful AI & automations simplify complex processes; Collaborative, transparent and compliant. The fast track to accuracy: Improve loans ROI with 10X shorter updates cycles.

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Accurate Risk Management

An AI-based platform that allows 10X faster model updates so your models are based on the latest, most accurate data

Simple and Elegant

No coding required, with intuitive UI. Easy to set up and integrates seamlessly with your current systems

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Made for Credit Risk

An E2E platform focused on credit risk, perfectly matches your processes and challenges

The EyeOnRisk platform
Your models, our platform. Make the right calls, every time.

  • Internal & External API’s Data Acquisition
  • Advanced Data Transformations
  • Manual & Automatic Feature Generation
  • Scorecard & ML Modeling
  • Complete AI-Model Transparency & Explainability 
  • Shadow Challenger Models suggested
  • Deployment to Production & Monitoring

Continual Improvement of Model Performance

Self learning algorithms crunch internal and external data in a never ending feedback loop, leading to more comprehensive models with a shorter time to market.

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