credit scoring
for existing customers

Project Summary

A large credit cards issuer with 3.5 million customers wanted to provide better, more accurate credit decisions for its existing customers, so they approached BeeEye. A successful PoC showed that the EyeOnRisk™ Platform can add external data to more than 60% of customers and to allow the development of a new score with a Gini coefficient index higher by 50% than the existing one .
After the PoC, the EyeOnRisk™ platform was implemented on-premise, with all of BeeEye’s capabilities for data enrichment available one day after setup. The platform delivers a monthly updated score for all consumers, while all PII stays within the customer’s platform.


The business results show that the EyeOnRisk™ platform is a game changer for the customer:

Improving application screening
for new customers

Project Summary

A retail lender asked BeeEye to improve the loan application process for new customers, on which the lender had very little data. To enable that, we used our EyeOnRisk™ platform to build a model that integrates web data with the customer’s application data, and servered the model via API interface which was integrated in the customer’s system.

Implementation and integration were very quick and took only 3 weeks.

Project Results

The results were incredible: