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The EyeOnRisk™
Credit Modelling Platform

Specifically designed for credit modelling, the EyeOnRisk will up your modelling game and let you build better models, faster.

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The EyeOnRisk™
Credit Modelling Platform

The EyeOnRisk platform is specifically designed for credit risk modelling and is built with the bank’s processes and compliance needs in mind.  

The advanced automations mean modelling teams do not need to rely on developers or waste time on cumbersome tasks and can focus on building better models, faster.  

The platform uses various external and internal data sources that can be updated 10 times faster. This, in addition to algorithm based automations ensure your models use the most current data, so you get more accurate, highly dynamic models.

Take credit risk management to the next level by empowering your team to create their best models yet.


decrease in
default rates


in revenue


Data updates
10 times faster


Model development
is 10 times faster

Credit risk modelling
platform for:

How it works

Manage your models in a single hub

From research to production, the EyeOnRisk platform is a single hub for the entire modelling process. You can create, monitor, test, explain the models and more – all in one place.

Improve process management in 
a collaborative modelling environment

The platform’s advanced automations cut data prep time, as well as other more technical tasks so your team can focus on modelling. The no-code approach mean you are not dependent on developers and can build, test and run models fast. The platform allows user collaboration, so your team can use its collective brain power for bteer results.

Track, record, audit and report all model development activities for full compliance

Since the EyeOnRisk platform is built specifically for credit risk, it is designed 
for full compliance, with features that allow easy explain-ability, feature tracking, automatic audit trail and more.

Track, measure, log and alert on production model performance.

See how well your models are doing, compare them to tested ones and continuously improve performance.

Automate documentation and management reporting for model teams

The required documentation is done automatically, for accurate, easy reporting.

See the benefits of an advanced AI/ML algorithms.

Our advanced algorithmic suggestion engine handles many sophisticated modelling tasks, and adds smart features like the automatic feature generator.

Easy integration and quick update of varied data sources

Whether they are internal or external data sources, the EyeOnRisk platform integrates them rapidly, so you can see the full picture and increase your model’s accuracy. The data sources can be easily updated thanks to the advanced automations, so you are always using the most current data.
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Key Components & Modules

The platform was designed with your specific processes and challenges in mind, and aims to simplify, optimize and expedite the credit risk modelling process.

Various Data Sources

Flow Editor

Auto Feature 

Production & Monitoring


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Rapid integration

Set up is quick and easy. Integration with data sources is seamless.

Free Training and Support

Get the training you need to make the most out of your EyeOnRisk™ investment. Free consultation and integration support from our developer.

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How it works

Increase your models accuracy

Reduce credit losses and boost your overall business performance by making better, data-driven credit decisions on both the origination and servicing sides of your business. EyeOnRisk enables you to perform application and behavior scoring for virtually all lending products – including commercial loans, cards, installment loans and mortgages.

Create and test models faster

A user-friendly, graphical interface boosts productivity and efficiency, enabling you to easily create data sets, derive variables and manage judgmental scorecards. You can work collaboratively, sharing variables, filters and other parameters to maintain corporate IP and reduce your governance risk.

Use various data sources

Develop, validate and implement unlimited application and behavioral scorecards in-house with our end-to-end, integrated solution. You’ll get models and scorecards into production faster, while reducing your model risk. The solution also enables low-risk experimentation, leading to better-performing models.

Ensure compliance

Seamless integration of external data suppliers into the credit decision process via standard interfaces and importability of data from any internal and external sources.

A single platform from research to production

Flexible adaptability to customer-specific requirements via an intuitive graphical administration platform based on the business rules management system ACTICO Rules.

Collaborate across users

Built-in processing engine for running simulations, allowing to simulate changes to rating models before launch and to modified/stressed risk factors.


Auto Features Generator

Automatics score cards

Model Explainability

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What The Experts Say

Proven Success

“BeeEye’s EyeOnRisk Modeling Platform improves the capability of the lending business to identify valuable customers and creates opportunities to increase profitability by 15%-30%.”Zvika Ziv – Ex-CEO, Bank Hapoalim

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What is the expected training time for a user of your platform?
Our platform is focused solely on the credit risk problem. This makes it free of unneeded data processing functions and models which are not relevant for this problem. This agility allows our platform to be extremely focused and sharp, thus limiting the ramp-up time for a new user to the bare minimum. A typical user can make the best of the platform after a short introduction of several hours.
What type of data does BeeEye use from the Web?
BeeEye’s data enrichment policy is to use only publicly available information from open government, municipal, and local state agencies. When it comes to other portals across the web, BeeEye only uses data that is readily available in the public domain.
I have my own data provider for alternative data. Can I use it?
Yes. Our platform supports connecting the data flow with your own external sources. You’ll focus on pointing to the right data sources, and our platform will take care of joining the data and making it available for modeling. The platform will also make sure that the same data flow will be available for the flow deployed in production.
Will BeeEye have access to my customer information?
No, BeeEye’s unique enterprise technology is deployed on-premise behind the bank/lender’s firewall. The BeeEye Scoring Engine (SE) does the data enrichment and calculates the EyeOnRisk score automatically inside the bank/lender’s data-center.
Does BeeEye provide visibility into the EyeOnRisk score?
Yes, BeeEye will provide the bank/lender with a EyeOnRisk model explanation document that shows the components, weighting, and make up of their specific EyeOnRisk score. BeeEye can also provide transparency on a per record/customer basis.
Is BeeEye GDPR compliant?
Yes. BeeEye does not retain any customer specific identifiable information (PII). The consumers data is kept on the BeeEye Scoring Engine which is managed within the bank/lender’s data-center.
Are you able to use the EyeOnRisk score in the USA?
The EyeOnRisk score is FCRA compliant as it can be used as a second screen for applicants/customers which have been rejected by the bank/lender’s initial credit scorecard/model. The EyeOnRisk provides additional insight to allow the bank/lender to accept applicants who in the past were rejected or lost.
My bank/lender operates in many different states with different regulations/compliance, can the EyeOnRisk score be customized per individual state?
The EyeOnRisk score and machine learning methodology is customized and optimized for each bank/lender, therefore it can be customized based on each state/region regulations.
What steps does BeeEye take to make sure that the EyeOnRisk does not discriminate on age, gender, ethnicity, religion, marital status, or national origin?
During the training and testing phase of the EyeOnRisk score, BeeEye makes sure that we assess whether or not our approach to understanding an individual’s personality deferentially effects individuals based on any of the factors laid out in the ECOA or FHA. Fair lending is very important to BeeEye, in fact, our whole purpose is to level the playing field to those consumers challenged by traditional methods. Our analysis shows that EyeOnRisk does not bias against individuals based on their age, gender, ethnicity, religion, marital status, or national origin.

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The EyeOnRisk Platform


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