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Demo Videos of the EyeOnRisk Platform

//Demo Videos of the EyeOnRisk Platform

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Demo Videos of the EyeOnRisk Platform

Demo Videos of the EyeOnRisk Platform

The EyeOnRisk platform is an end to end credit risk modelling platform. One of the key benefits of the platform is the easy to use user interface. It allows using just a few clicks of the mouse, to generate sophisticated machine learning based models. The platform supports the entire life cycle of a model using this very easy to use interface – even when it comes to deployment into production (and serving through API). Scroll down to see the EyeOnRisk demo.

When dealing with user interface, what better way is there to demonstrate it besides having a video which captures the action. This is why we started sharing videos of the platform in our YouTube channel. You are more than welcome to subscribe to the channel so you’ll be notified on any new video we are uploading.

To kick things off, please join us in watching the first video in the channel. This short video gives you a quick glimpse into some of the capabilities of that EyeOnRisk platform:


The video highlights some of the main benefits of the platform:

  • Simple, streamlined and reproducible modeling process
  • Joining data from various sources including external API’s (!)
  • Fully explainable machine learning and traditional modeling
  • Automated Feature Generation(!) to bring even more lift to your models
  • No coding skills required: You design and deploy models through an easy to use interface.

If this short video gives you a taste for more – please press here to watch a longer (7 minutes) video which goes through a detailed demo of the system. The link requires to subscribe to our mailing list before going to the video.



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